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Registration Terms

The providers ("We", "Us", "Us") of the service provided by this website ("Service") are not responsible for any content generated by any user or their accounts ("Content"). Submitted Content expresses the views of its author only.

You agree not to use this Service to post or link to any material that is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, is adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, infringes copyright, encourages illegal activity, or otherwise violates any law.

The providers of this service reserve the right to remove or modify any posted message for any reason without explanation. Requests for removal or modification of content will be made solely at our discretion or judgment. We reserve the right to take action against any account with this Service at any time.

You grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, unlimited license to use, publish or republish your content in connection with the Service. Copyright in the Content is retained.

Any information or content submitted or uploaded may be reviewed by members of Management or staff. You must not submit any content or information that you consider private or confidential.

> These terms may change at any time without notice.


If you wish to participate in the forum, it is necessary that you read and comply with the following rules:


1. Search before asking:

Consult the search engine of this website before asking. Even if you think your problem is unique, believe us, it usually is not. It has probably been answered several times. For that reason, and to avoid overloading the forum, we ask you to search before writing. The topics that are repeated several times, as well as those that have a topic of their own, will be deleted and the author will be notified by personal conversation.

2. Write adequate and descriptive titles:

It is mandatory to write descriptive titles: it must explain briefly and concisely what the whole message is about. Subjects such as "HELP", "I HAVE A PROBLEM" or "IT'S BAD" are not allowed since they do not inform at all about the content of the message and this encourages other members not to read your message. If the subject is explicit it will facilitate the search by third parties. Those messages published with non-descriptive titles will be warned by the moderation so that the person who opened it takes it into account for the next time.

3. Provide as much information as you can about your problem:

Provide all the necessary information about the problem in question to make it easier for us to help you. Use paragraphs and try to be extremely clear about the problem, adding as much information as you can.

4. Write properly:

The body of the message should be well written. Write properly, using punctuation marks and avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes as much as possible, do not abuse the highlighting (bold, italics and / or colors), this indicates that you are rushing, as well as writing in capital letters, as it indicates that you are shouting. The users of this forum are Spanish speakers, so use Spanish.

Be legible: We all make our mistakes, we forget accents and make spelling mistakes by omission. These small mistakes do not matter so much because it is understandable that we all make mistakes. But not to the point of making the messages unreadable to others. Avoid using exaggerated abbreviations such as "ke" instead of "que" or "sho" instead of "yo". The language we use to send messages by cell phone remains for the cell phone. In the forum we have a full keyboard so that we can write our messages and not disturb other members. It is the majority opinion that these forms of writing do not represent a personal style but a discomfort for other users so they are asked to avoid it. Help us so that your ideas are read by everyone and not only by a few.

5. The use of capital letters and bold:

You should not write with capital letters, nor bold, as these symbolize shouting and make reading difficult. Messages not written in lower case should be edited and written correctly by their authors. The use of these resources will be used to emphasize something or to emphasize.

6. Size of the images:

To upload images, either in articles or in messages, these must be no larger than 1440 x 1080 px and those that do not conform to these measures will be deleted from the messages. All published photos can be used in other parts of the forum, either for examples, articles, ...; the user authorizes or allows its use for the benefit of the forum and social networks of the Sweet Seeds® brand.

7. Post your question in the appropriate forum:

Send the message to the appropriate forum: The division of the forums is not arbitrary. If you have a problem X, send it to the corresponding forum or the closest thematically. If you hesitate between several forums, read the description of each forum on the main page. If you miss a forum, don't hesitate to ask for it in the "Suggestions" forum, we will study it and take it into account. Messages posted in wrong sections will be moved by the moderators, without prior notice.

8. Different questions in different topics:

Do not saturate the messages. If you have several problems do not send them all in the same message, write a message for each one and each one in the corresponding (sub)forum. This way we maintain some order and facilitate the search for information to future users.

9. Do not post your question in several categories at the same time:

If you have written a message in any category of the forum, do not repeat it again in a different category or in the same one, as it will be deleted without notice. If due to an error, your message is published twice, do not worry, a moderator will remove it shortly. The excuse that you are talking about the same thing with different words is not valid. If the message background is repeated in several messages, these will be deleted by the moderators and will leave only one.


10. Be polite:

Avoid foul language: Do not insult, belittle, write in capital letters (it means you are shouting) or rush anyone. This is a free-entry forum and not a technical service. The primary goal is to make users learn, solving problems is secondary and sometimes impossible. The people who answer here do it altruistically, without profit, with the only purpose of helping. Remember that nobody forces you to publish.

11. Only one account per user. Avatars and non-offensive names:

Only one account per person can be registered. The others will be deleted on the spot, this is especially important when a user is banned from the forum for an unlimited period of time (censored), any other account made during the censorship period will be censored and deleted as well.

The account names and avatar must not be insulting or offensive, if they are, the account will be permanently censored.

12. Do not invade or divert topics opened by other users:

If you have a question open a new topic, do not make your query in a topic opened by another user. Do not deviate the conversation from the initial problem with conversations, debates, discussions or doubts that do not have to do with the main topic of the message. If this is diverted, the topic will be closed after the third warning from the moderators.

13. Respond to open topics with education and knowledge and do not attack the forum member who disagrees with you:

Be modest, avoid arrogance, just because you know a lot about a certain topic does not make you better than anyone else. Do not attack forum members because they think differently from you. Give the information you consider correct. If you know several solutions, always offer the best one. We will talk by chat with users who do not respect this point, and if they continue with an attitude that we do not consider convenient, we will take the necessary measures.

14. Do not start or continue personal disputes in the forum:

If you have any confrontation with any user, resolve it privately, but do not post in the general message board for it. It will be deleted by the moderators. Also do not open or continue messages that, clearly, are going to create commotion or harmful and detrimental confrontations for the forum because they will also be deleted.

15. Respect the decisions of the moderators:

Respect the moderators and their decisions. Their work is selfless and they make, as far as possible, that the forum is improving and not getting worse. They can make mistakes, like everyone else, but you should value the work they do to help you more than the mistakes they may have. Without your help, collaboration and understanding, the moderators cannot work. Any forum member who continuously disrespects a moderator will be censored.


16. Do not spam:

Do not use the forum to spam the rest of the users by e-mail or private conversations, anyone who uses the forum tools for these purposes will be banned from the forum.

17. Do not insert advertising on other forums or other websites:

It will not be allowed to advertise on other forums or websites, with exceptions that will be discussed with the moderators. If you insert advertising related to other forums, the message will be deleted without notice. An exception is the forum WEBS AMIGAS which is intended for you to let us know your website and tell us what it is about or if you are required by the Management or Team of the forum.

18. Do not insert personal data in public:

Do not insert personal data such as telephone or e-mail in public. These data must be given privately between members. This rule is supported by the Privacy Policy.

19. Do not insert articles without the author's authorization:

It is forbidden to copy and paste articles without the author's permission. Copy the link of the article and paste it, as an invitation to visit his page and the article you think is of interest to our forum, as long as it does not advertise other forums, but reference to an article of interest. For photos NOT own the same, or put the source or ask permission to the owner.


20. Doubts or suggestions:

Any doubts or suggestions you can ask in the subforum "Suggestions, Errors you see, ..."

21. Complaints and demands about the forum by private conversation:

Any claim or complaint about the operation of the forum, its users or moderators, will be made privately to the moderators and / or administrators.

22. Trolls:

A troll or troll is an Internet term that describes a person who only seeks to intentionally provoke users or readers, creating controversy, provoke predictable reactions, especially by novice users, for various purposes, from simple amusement to interrupt or divert the topics of discussions, or provoke flaming wars, angering its participants and pitting them against each other.

We have zero tolerance for trolls. If any user suspects that another user is a troll, he/she can communicate it by chat to the moderation and remind the rest of the users in public not to "feed him/her". When the moderation will study the case and the troll in question will be censored permanently, if so understood.

If you do not accept these terms, you should not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your personal account, please contact us.

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