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Tema: Red hot cookies flowering...

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    Aug 2020
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    Red hot cookies flowering...

    Hi guys, second attempt at growing the Red Hot Cookies, may I ask if the plant I have is growing normally?

    I have topped and Scrog netted it, tucking the heads as they stretched for 2 weeks, 3rd week into 4th week it is still stretching,
    but with very little flower production. My main concern - will it start to produce flowers in the remaining weeks?

    I have changed the light from the first run the new light has a lot more Red so this explains the extraordinary stretching.

    The tropicanna poison growing next to it is the most beautiful plant I have ever seen!
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    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for you message and for the beautiful photos

    I would call it a "little flower production". There's a lot of flowers in there, the question is about their caliber as for now they are still very thin. I think they will start getting bigger in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Either way as there are so many flowers in which the plants have to focus their energy, the buds will probably end up with a medium caliber and not the big thick buds that we like to get. But as they are so many, all together, you might end up with a good total yield. For now they remind me of "Thai Sticks" and that is probably what you going to have in the end.

    Also, check if the distance of the light can be shortened a bit without burning the tips of the flowers.

    The Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® is looking really great

    All the best with it and kind regards,


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