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Tema: Need help in growing seeds and proper LED's! HELP?

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    Need help in growing seeds and proper LED's! HELP?

    Hey everyone,

    I have few seeds haze, cheese, blue widow and green kush and I have started germinated them by Damp cloth / tissue method and I have few doubts about the soil type the soil which I have is or mixutre type and ph level properly managed kept nice in an incubation room but my friend recently visited and said this opinion saying cheese won't grow in that soil texture and I am kinda confused because I did some research and saw that it grew in such soil but what if something goes wrong? Also any good long lasting LED's for my incubation room??

    So any suggestions ??

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi buddy

    This forum is from Sweet Seeds® and we can only attend growers who grow the strains of this company.

    One question, where did you see our forum? Or was it a recommendation?

    Sweet smokes!
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