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Big Devil XL Auto®



Hello there

I bought the seeds of your company.

But there were some problems during the planting process.

Can you help me?

, Now from budging to now 31 days, just flowering

Big Devil XL Auto Feminised Seeds from Sweet Seeds Now go in the flower period, the above a little shrinking, a little yellow, One liter of water per 4ml.





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Cheers mate!


Thanks for your message.


Apparently your plants are having trouble to deal with too much water. But I can't be sure about that because we would need to know more about your growing parameters. If you could register in this forum and answer the following questions would be great:


- Which brand of soil are you using?

- Which light?

- Do you feed them or do you only use water?

- What's the size of the pots?

- How much water do you use each time you water them?

- Do you wait until the soil is dry before watering again?


If the plants have 31 days from seed (that's what I understand from your text), they are in the right stage of growth, beginning to flower now. But yes, they seem to be having trouble to deal with one or several grow parameters.


Thanks and kind regards,



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I planted automatic flowering varieties.

The soil is coco peat.

Watering nutrient water once a week.

Using a 3 gallon planting pot.

Watering 3 liters at a time.

2 square meters of space, 20 trees, using 3 sodium lamps, one 600 watts, 2 盏 400 watts.

From the budding to the present 31 days, the automatic variety, a total of 4 waterings, once a week, each time the nutrient solution is placed in the water.

The nutrient solution brand is Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect.


The metering used is 1 liter of water plus 4 ml of Micro plus 4 ml of Grow plus 4 ml of Bloom。

Every time the coco peat is dried and watered (the nutrient solution is added to the water)

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Hi wenzi,


Thanks for registering in the forum and for all the information shared.


Could you publish here a photo of the entire area (all the plants showing)?


How are the other plants doing? All good except for this Big Devil XL Auto® from the photos?


I think that you are probably using too much water and I'm also not sure about the amount of nutrients that you are giving them, so it would be nice to know if this is an isolated case or if the other plants are in the same situation.


Thanks again and kind regards,



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