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Problems with Sweet Gelato Auto®

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Have bought From You (Dark Devil Auto®, Black Cream Auto®, Black Jack Auto®, Killer Kush Auto® And Sweet Gelato Auto®) 🙏 I Have Grown 2 out of those and the plants turned out AMAZING 🔥 but... Im Currently Trying to grow your Sweet Gelato Auto® and I've almost gone through a whole 3 Pack +1 Free and the seeds wont sprout... They germinate with decent tap roots but don't sprout once planted..


I ask if it is that certain batch of Sweet Gelato Auto®


But i havent had this hard of a time to get seeds to sprout With any of your other genetics 🙏💯


I'm growing indoors, I have a very good setup and havent had issues with your seeds before, until now.

The Sweet Gelato Auto® has been in soil almost 2 weeks without it sprouting and finally it sprouted after 2 weeks but it doesn't look healthy.. And this is the 3rd seed i tried out of the 4 pack.

This is the seedling after I went throght 3 seeds. My one and only left.









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Cheers mate,


Thanks for your message and for sharing all the photos. To correctly manage your situation it would be great if you could register in this forum to give us the following informations in reply to this thread:


The method you use for sprouting seeds; and more information about the setup used.


Then, if you could share some photos of the other strains with which you had good results, it would be a plus.


After you register and share some more info, I will contact you by private message so that we can check a possible replacement compensation. In the meanwhile please check if you still have the invoice of the order or the email confirming that you bought the seeds in our online shop.


By the way... the seedling of the 2 first photos seems ok, with a nice color and good cotyledons and first leaves. But I understand what could be the problem... maybe the next set of leaves is taking too long to develop, but give it a few more days to see what happens.


Kind regards,



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Hey Tommy,

GrowKingCanada Here ✌

To Start Off All Of Your Questions , I Germinate My Seeds In Wet Paper Towel And A Sandwhich Baggy For 24-48 hrs And Ive Been Doing This Method For 9 Years Now. And Once They Sprout Tap Roots Then I Plant Them Into Solo Cups With Coco Coir And Put Then Into My Humididome With A Heat Mat Underneath And 15W Tube Light For Seedlings. Also Feeding Straight Water With P.h Of 6.5 Till Early Vegetative. As For My Grow Setup I Have A 2x4x5½ Vivosun Grow Tent, T4 Affinity Inline Fan, Carbon Filter, And My 600W LED Grow Light. I Also Run A Very Extensive Nutrient Line For My Plants Called Nutri+.

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Hey Tommy,

Yes I Did Purchase Them At TrueNorth Seed Bank And I Do Have Confirmation Emails Confirming My Orders Through Them. And Yes The Seedling Looks Healthy But It Also Took Over A Week And A Half For It To Sprout Where As I Planted One Of Your Killer Kush Autos On Monday Of This Week And Within 24hrs It Sprouted And Has Already Surpassed The Sweet Gelato Auto In Growth As Of Today And They Are 2 Weeks Apart from Planting.

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Hi again mate :okok:


In fact, the client should always contact first with the shop where the seeds were bought, as usually happens in every other commerce in life. Personally and regarding everyone that I know, when a product is not good or not correct in any way, we contact and give it back to the shop where we bought it and then they deal with the manufacturer and/or distributor.


As a seedbank we can (and we like to) share thoughts and opinions about our strains, but in the cannabic business the shops where the seeds are bought must be contacted at some point and assume responsibilities to the clients that make their business. Then we (the seedbanks) compensate the shops for any inconvenience that might have been eventually caused by a problem in our product.


But, as said, I will PM you and we'll take it from there :tiphat:


Kind regards,



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