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S.A.D. AUTO grow questions.



Hello, I need some info on what the S.A.D. AUTO agrees with as far as soil and the amount of nutrients it can take. I am just starting them and using 5 gal pots and ffof soil. Im wondering when to start feeding and what strength. Im using the botanicare pro blend nutrients. Thank you
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Hi Indawindica!


Welcome to the Sweet Seeds® forums :okok:


First of all we would need to know which soil you are using. You mention "ffof soil" but we are not quite sure what "ffof" means.


If the soil is rich in nutrients then you don't need to use any liquid fertilizers in the first 3 weeks. Then, if you are doing a transplant, you will use new soil again in the new pot (previous to flowering starts) and the plants are good again with no liquid fertilizers for another 2 or 3 weeks. Like this you would need to feed them extra with liquid ferts when they are already flowering, about 5-6 weeks from germination.


If you are not doing a transplant and started directly in the final pots, then you should start feeding them with liquid ferts after the 3rd week from germination. About dosage, although it also depends on how rich in nutrients the soil mix is, we usually recommend that growers use only about half the dosage recommended by the fertilizer companies because autoflowering strains are fast to mature and then one might have not enough time to clean the soil from fertilizer salts and traces.


I hope this helps. If you share some more information we can share further advices ;)


Sweet smokes :weed:



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