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Red hot cookies......hermie traits?



I've just grown out a red hot cookies, it didn't turn red, but displayed some purple in the buds, from flushing.


Grew in coco/clay pebbles - it grew well but showed a potassium deficiency just before flip to 12/12. At this point I suspect it produced 2 or 3 male flowers low down on the plant. This produced seeds from all the plants in the grow space. I'm not too upset about this because I now have 3 unique strains to play with.

I flowered it for 65 days (9 days over the 56 recommended) reason for this: the deficiency. At this point it pushed 'nana's' - I've seen this before with Sativa strains that run too long, so not a total surprise.


Not sure if I can trust this strain to grow in a large scale because of it's tendency to produce male flowers, (at any point in flower) - not something I want in future grows....the grow space has no light leaks, so it isn't light stress - the only thing I can think caused this is the potassium deficiency?



I am going to try the Tropicana Poison next, a seed is soaking ready for planting right now so I'll be keeping this thread updated with it's progress!



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Hi Sean,


Welcome to the Forum Sweet Seeds® :okok:


Thanks for your message and for sharing some photos right away ;)


We usually talk about hermaphroditism when the male flowers appear in a female plant in the early stages of flowering. In this case apparently you got male flowers in mid to late flowering, very probably due to environmental stress, maybe the deficiency that you mention. Either way, you are also probably right and not all the plants would be this sensitive. But many would, anyway.


I would say you can trust this strain. We don't have notice of this problem with this strain in our database where we write down all the "complaints" from clients. But I understand that you don't trust it 100% now due to this issue and with that being the case, I would recommend you to use another strain from our genetic collection. If you're looking for a red-flowered crop, photoperiod-dependent, my advice would be Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version®.


If possible, please leave us information about the lote number and harvest date of the Red Hot Cookies® packet that you bought. It is printed in the backside of the packet. Also, where have you bought the seeds?


Kind regards,



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Hi Tommy, many thanks for the reply. It's great information you have given me, I can grow RHC with confidence now!


There were no signs in transition or early flower as a hermaphrodite would be very obvious just a sneaky couple of male flowers in mid flower as we agree it must be environmental/nutrient reaction.


I will try again with a slightly different feed schedule and see how they perform. I do know from experience Sativa based plants can be very sensitive to any change, so a clean run would be nice.

I have Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® to grow alongside the Red Hot Cookies® - I will try your Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® in my next session, I think it would be silly not to!

Lot number is on the picture attached, I purchased the seeds on 7th April 2020 directly from your website Order: WQZOFCWBI


Thanks again Tommy ; )


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Hi again Sean,


You're most welcome :okok:


Thanks for the photo of the backside of the package. We will add your situation to our database so that in case we receive other similar complaints on the same batch we can perform some internal tests, just in case.


If you are a user of any other forum where you are sharing a grow diary, please link me to it.


All the best with them and let us know how it goes on your next round.


Sweet smokes :weed:



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