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Competition Rules [7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition]

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7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition

Competition Rules




1 - How to participate

1.1 - Any grower of legal age in his/her country of residence, who shares a grow diary with any strain(s) from the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection (only strains included in the 2020 and 2021 catalogs) can participate in this contest;


1.2 - The forums registered in this promotion are: Forum Sweet Seeds®, UK420, ICMag and EnJoint. If you are a candidate for the contest and do not comply with the requirements expressed in section 2.1 of the rules (see below), in order to participate you are obliged to send an email to [email protected] expressing your intention to participate in the contest and declaring that you are:


a) Of legal age in your country of residence;

b) An experienced cannabis grower and that this is not your first experience with growing cannabis;

c) You must also declare that you have read all the competition rules and that you are aware that in order to participate you have to rigorously follow the rules;

d) Please include information about the nickname that you are using in the forum and also the name of the forum where you are going to participate.


1.3 - Any contest entry that does not comply with the expressed in sections 1.1 and 1.2 will be excluded and deleted without previous warning;


1.4 - We will distribute 12 seeds per participant. Each grower will get 3 packages of 3+1 seeds to choose among our varieties (depending on the availability of the contest stock) to share a complete grow diary in this subforum. To benefit from the initial seed distribution, you must comply with section 2 of the rules (see below).


IMPORTANT: Those who do not comply with section 2 of the rules but comply with sections 1.1 and 1.2, can still participate in the competition, but without benefiting from the initial distribution of seeds. They can participate with their own Sweet Seeds® seeds and/or Sweet Seeds® clones even if their registration in the forum took place after the publication of the rules;


1.5 - The Nick's that have requested seeds in previous grow diary competitions or as testers and have not shared a grow diary are excluded from the initial distribution of seeds. The Nick's that have received seeds from Sweet Seeds® after the 1st of August 2020 (contest prizes, seed deliveries for testers, etc.) are also excluded from the initial distribution of seeds;


1.6 - You are not allowed to send private messages to the mods with doubts. Doubts, suggestions or comments can be publicly exposed in this thread: “Doubts and Suggestions”. If you do not know which varieties you should choose and you want to ask about their characteristics or if you have any doubts about the bases of the contest, please post them in this thread that we have created for this effect. We do not respond privately to this type of doubts that can be published in public, because when shared in public the other contestants can check our answers and have access to the same information.



2 - Here’s what you need to get free seeds to participate.

2.1 – Any grower and user of ForumSweetSeeds.com, UK420.com, EnJoint.info and ICMag.com that comply with section 2.2 (see below) and also comply with a), b) and c) can benefit from the initial seed giveaway:


a) More than 30 posts published in the forum where he/she is registered;

b) A minimum of 1 grow diary previously shared and finished* in the forum;

c) The registration date of the user in the forum must be previous to the day when these competition rules were published.


*In order to consider that a grow diary is finished, the diary has to be composed of a minimum of 7 updates and a minimum of 50 photos in total.


2.2 - Only those users who comply with all the provisions of section 2.1 of the competition rules and whose residence is in European countries to which the shipping of seeds from Spain is legal (Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Sweden) may participate in the initial seed giveaway. You also have to be of legal age in your country of residence to participate, obviously, although that it is already required by ForumSweetSeeds.com, UK420.com, EnJoint.info and ICMag.com to all those who register in the forums;


2.3 - Exception: active users of other international forums where Sweet Seeds® runs a commercial subforum and who are registered before the publication of the competition rules and with a minimum activity of 30 posts and at least 1 complete grow diary previously shared and finished in that forum, in this case, will also be able to participate in the initial seed giveaway. International users will have to contact the moderators of Sweet Seeds® in the original forum to be invited to the contest at UK420.com, EnJoint.info, ICMag.com and ForumSweetSeeds.com, where they will have to register with the same nickname (or similar) that they previously used in the original forum;


2.4 - Although the stock of seeds for the contest is not finished by the 5th of March, it will not be allowed to request seeds after this date, given the short period of time that the contestant would have to complete his/her grow diary. In addition, for orders between the 5th of February and the 5th of March, we recommend autoflowering strains as they give more guarantees of being ready within the time limits of the contest;


2.5 - Instructions on how to participate in the initial seed giveaway for the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition:


All the growers that comply with the previous requirements and who are interested in getting seeds to participate in the competition, must send a private message to one of the moderators of the Sweet Seeds® subforum with the following message:


“ Hi! I would like to receive seeds to participate in the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition


I declare that I have read the complete rules of the competition and that it is clear to me that when I participate I have to comply with them with total rigor. I also declare that this is not my first experience with cannabis growing and that I comply with sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the competition rules. If there were to be any doubts, here I leave you a link to a grow diary that I have shared and finished in the forum: [Add your link here]





-> In response to this email you will receive instructions on how to get your seeds to compete, as you can read in section 2.6 of the rules;


2.6 - Contestants accepted for the initial seed giveaway will receive a private message in the forum within a maximum of 7 days with the URL of an application specially designed for the contest and a one-time use code to insert in the application, allowing to request the strains with which to participate and to share the data for the shipment of the seeds. It is a very simple procedure. The code sent is only valid for the countries referred to in the competition rules, in section 2.1 (see above);


2.7 - We take the chance to remind you that this is the procedure to receive seeds to participate in the contest. If you already have your seeds (or clones) of strains from the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection and you plan to participate with them, you do not need to send the private message in the forum but you have to send the email referred to in section 1.2 of the Competition Rules. Likewise, if you live in a country to where we can not send seeds, but you already have seeds (or clones) of strains from the Sweet Seeds® genetics collection, complying to the rules, you can use them to participate in the contest and qualify for all prizes except for the sending of seeds as a prize in exchange for the Sweet Points you get throughout the contest and the seeds included in the consolation merchandising kits (from 11th to 25th places);


2.8 - Sweet Seeds® reserves the right not to send seeds to a specific contestant if for any reason Sweet Seeds® suspects that the user only wants to sign up to receive the seeds for free and not to participate in the competition. In this case Sweet Seeds® does not have to justify the suspicions. If we have doubts regarding this issue, we simply will not send the seeds. If this happens, you can still compete with your own seeds or clones and if you finish your grow diary before the 5th of March we will send you 3 packages of 3+1 seeds if you want to do a second grow diary;


2.9 - Sweet Seeds® waives and denies any responsibility in the reception of the seeds by the contestants. We send all the seeds requested by the contestants who comply with the Competition Rules, but when for whatever reason the seeds do not arrive, we will not take responsibility and we will not send them again.




3 - Mechanics of the “Sweet Seeds® Points” system

3.1 - Each point (1 Point) is worth the value of 1,00€ (one euro) or 0,25€ (25 euro cents) according to the parameters referred to in the sections 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 (see below);


3.2 - Contestants who live in one of the countries listed in the section 2.2 of the rules can choose to exchange their points at the exchange rate of 1 Point = 1,00€ for Sweet Seeds® seeds and Sweet Seeds® merchandising products. Alternatively they can also choose to exchange their points at the exchange rate of 1 Point = 0,25€ for a bank transfer (cash prize). Contestants who finish the contest with 200 or more Sweet Seeds® Points can choose to exchange some of them for Sweet Seeds® seeds and/or merchandising and some of them for cash at the exchange rate of 1 Point = 0,25€;


3.3 - The contestants whose residence is not in one of the countries listed in section 2.2 of the rules are limited to exchange their points at the exchange rate of 1 Point = 0,25€ for a bank transfer (cash prize);


3.4 - The contestants who participate in this competition by sharing the grow diary at ForumSweetSeeds.com get 20% extra points. By other words, for a 100 Point prize, if the contestant is participating at ForumSweetSeeds.com instead of 100 points he/she will get 120 points;


3.5 - For the growers who choose to share the grow diary in 2 of the 3 forums, each point received is multiplied by 1.2 (20% extra). For example, for a prize of 100 points, if the contestant is sharing his grow diary in 2 forums at the same time, instead of 100 points the grower receives 120 points. All the growers who share the grow diary in 2 forums are obliged to inform us which of his 2 participations is his main participation and which is the secondary one. Their secondary participation only serves to get 20% extra points and has no other impact on the jury's ratings;


3.6 - The period to exchange Sweet Seeds® Points for Sweet Seeds® seeds/merchandising or cash prizes is between the 12th and the 25th of June 2021. Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to extend the dates, only if necessary;


3.7 - A grow diary will be considered finished when it is composed of a thread with a minimum of 100 posts/replies, 50 photos and 8 updates that include germination of the seeds with photos, vegetative phase with photos, flowering phase with photos, phase of maturity with photos, harvest with photos and strain/smoke report with comments and personal evaluation of the grower to the different strains. The grow diaries considerar unfinished will also be evaluated by the jury but with a penalty according to the average number of expected updates that are pending as of the 23rd of May 2021;


3.8 - The "Sweet Seeds® Merchandising Award” is given to the contestant who, until the 10th of March 2021, publishes the best and most original photo with any Sweet Seeds® merchandising product (t-shirts, sweatshirts, grinders, rolling papers, lighters, hats, lanyards, etc.). The participation is limited to the contestants who already own this type of products. By the 20th of March we publish the winners of this very subjective evaluation award. To participate, the contestant must publish a photo that includes at least 1 Sweet Seeds® merchandising product in a thread that we will create for this effect by the 10th of February 2021. In that thread we will share more instructions and advice for participation in this sub-contest;



3.9 - The final number of Sweet Seeds® Points with which each grower finishes the contest does not reflect nor have it anything to do with the final classification of each grower. For example, the grower who finishes the contest with more Sweet Seeds® points, may be the 5th place in the final classification. And the final winner of the contest may be the 3rd grower with the most Sweet Seeds® Points. To the grower who ends up with more Sweet Seeds® Points, no extra prize is attributed for that fact nor is it awarded a better final classification for it.




4 - Rules of participation

4.1 - If you have started a grow diary in the Sweet Seeds® sub-forum and the date of the first post is the 1st of September 2020 or after, we can move your grow diary to the contest sub-forum so you can participate with your current work. For this, you just have to ask us. As an alternative, you can also choose to start the grow diary again in a thread inside the sub-forum of the contest and even take advantage to improve the presentation and first post. If you do this, starting the grow diary again, we accept all the previously shared grow diaries in the Sweet Seeds® sub-forum started after the 1st of August 2020. On the other hand, if you are an outdoor grower and you have documented the data and photos of your outdoor of this 2020 season (we consider the 1st of February as the start of the outdoor season), you can gather everything you have in a thread and participate in this contest, even if there is already a thread with your grow diary in this forum;


4.2 - For the final prizes, we only accept 1 grow diary per contestant. If you want to share 2 grow diaries, we thank you very much and we will follow both but then you have to choose only 1 (one) of them and communicate to us the decision before the 15th of May 2021 (if the contestant does not communicate his/her decision, we will evaluate the first grow diary shared). The other grow diary is not considered for the final prizes except for the evaluation of “Post Frequency”, in which in regards to posts, updates, photos and shared videos, the jury will look at the total number in the 2 diaries together. Other advantage of sharing 2 grow diaries is that the 2nd grow diary can be better than the 1st and with this you have the possibility to choose the best of your works. You also extend your participation for more months and increase the chances of accumulating more Sweet Seeds® Points. If you share a 2nd grow diary you have to do it in a new thread, it is not allowed to use the same thread for 2 grow diaries;


4.3 - Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to change some details in the rules. Only if we understand that something can be improved and never to reduce prizes, nor to make the contest harder. We can also make changes to correct mistakes. Any change made after the 30th of November 2020 will be announced in this thread. Until then the Competition Rules may be slightly altered without prior notice, so until that date the Competition Rules should be considered as provisional and it is mandatory that you read them a second time after the 1st of December 2020, when in its final version;


4.4 - Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to consider all posts, texts, images, videos and other content published by the contestants as property of Sweet Seeds® and may use them to promote their products without prior authorization from the author, but always quoting the authorship (unless you prefer not being quoted, in which case you have to warn us about it when you start your grow diary). This means that you agree to share the rights of your work with Sweet Seeds® and, just like you, Sweet Seeds® can use your content to publish it outside this sub-forum. You do not lose the rights to your work, they are simply shared between both parties;


4.5 - The language of the grow diary texts should preferably be English, but Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese are also accepted;


4.6 - If a contestant withdraws from the competition, for whatever reason, we do not delete the contents that have been published up to that moment in the follow-up thread;


4.7 - If a contestant expresses publicly or privately (sending a private message to a member of the Sweet Seeds® team) his decision to abandon the contest, he loses everything and any prize he has won so far. The prizes lost because of this, will not be attributed to other contestants, they are simply cancelled;


4.8 - This contest, with exactly the same rules and prizes, is also happening in a Spanish version in the forums CannabisCafe.net, LaMarihuana.com and ForumSweetSeeds.com. Each person can only participate in 1 of these forums. If you are participating here and you want to share the grow diary in the other forum, then perfect, but always without opting for any prizes or points;


4.9 - For contestants who finish in the Top 10 we have an extra gift for one last effort. 100,00€ in cash for all those in the Top 10 who share their grow diary of the contest on the Growdiaries.com website. Once shared you send us an email to [email protected] with a link to your grow diary on both websites and we send you this extra gift. You have to inform us about this until the 15th of June 2021;


4.10 - Sweet Seeds® declines any liability arising from complaints about the decisions of the jury. Decisions are subjective, such as in any jury sport, such as artistic gymnastics, jumping (swimming), synchronized swimming, etc., where decisions are made based on what the human eye (jury) can see and interpret, instead of relying on numerical measurements like most sports. We know that a good percentage of you will not agree with some decisions, but this is inevitable and to make this kind of contest we have to reject responsibilities in this regard, otherwise we could not perform this type of competition. We hope you trust us, because in the end choosing the best works is something that affects us very directly, since the winning works will have more visibility and will be announced in the forums and social networks, so Sweet Seeds® is the first part interested in doing everything possible to choose the works that can best promote our brand;


4.11 - Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to disqualify and exclude from the contest any participant who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the competition and/or does not comply with the most basic guidelines of respect and Fairplay;


4.12 - Sweet Seeds® absolutely declines any responsibility for malfunctions of the forum that could harm the participants grow diaries. If the forum is offline, if there is an update and content is lost (photos, posts, threads, texts, videos, whatever), if any option or statistics in the forum does not work well, if a forum has more/better conditions or offers more/better permissions than another, if the forum closes doors, if the forum administration decides to suspend or ban your account, etc., Sweet Seeds® is not responsible and does not consider for the contest any part of grow diaries that have been totally or partially lost due to situations of this type. It is like outdoor sports in which the climate and soil conditions are unpredictable and interfere with the performance of the participant, in which luck and chance play a role.



5 - Shipping the prizes

5.1 - All the prizes of the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition (between 1st and 25th places, the prizes of exchangeable Points, Grower of the Month, Best Photo and Best Video), as well as the trophies, will be sent to the winners in the limit time span of 90 days after the announcement of the winners (between June and September). Until the time limit is over we will not reply to any complaints for delays in the deliveries as in reality there are no delays;


5.2 - Sweet Seeds® is not responsible for the delivery of prizes that do not reach their addressee every time there are indications that it is the participants fault (eg: fictitious names that do not allow receiving the package, errors in the shipping address; prolonged absence of the recipient during the various attempts of the delivery/mail service, etc). In these cases a second shipment will not be made and the prize will not be attributed;


5.3 - Sweet Seeds® is not responsible for any possible changes between October 2020 and September 2021 in the law of a country that makes it legally impossible for us to ship seeds. If any of the countries listed in the section 1.2 of the rules changes its law regarding to cannabis seeds and shipping is no longer legal, we can’t send the seeds in the prize kits (between 11th and 25th places) and the points are no longer exchangeable according to section 3.2 of the rules, only according to section 3.3 of the rules;


5.4 - Prize winners are required to send us the complete data for the shipment until the 25th of June 2021. Users who do not do so within this period lose the right to the products, which will not be attributed;


5.5 - Sweet Seeds® pays for the shipping costs of all prizes as long as they do not exceed 25 euros. If the shipping costs are higher than 25 euros, the winner of the prize pays the difference (eg. shipping costs 42€, the winner of the prize pays 17€);


5.6 - Cash prizes can only be sent by bank transfer, without exceptions;


5.7 - Some Sweet Seeds® merchandising products (such as the metallic grinder, lighters and ashtrays) can only be sent to some countries. Please check this with us at the time of the shipping order;


5.8 - The merchandising Kit even sent without seeds, in some countries there might be some difficulties in getting it delivered as a tax may have to be paid. Sweet Seeds® only compromises to send the package but is not responsible for the payment of this tax. Sweet Seeds® is also not responsible for shippings that don’t reach the recipient for reasons related to the laws and rules fo each country. If you think that your country is one of these where this type of problems may occur, we advice you to check the possibility of having it sent to any friend or family member that lives in Spain, where these problems never occur and where you we can also even include the seeds in the shipping;


5.9 - We do not replace seeds that have been offered as contest prizes or giveaways;


5.10 - If you are a resident of a country where we can not send seeds, you opt for all prizes except for sending seeds as a reward in the consolation kits or in exchange for the points you get throughout the contest and except for the eventualities referred to in sections 5.7 and 5.8 (see above).


6. Validation of participation

6.1 - Any user of the forum that submits a grow diary to this competition irrevocably and automatically assumes the reading, knowledge and acceptance of these Competition Rules and all the information contained in this same post.



7. Participating forums

7.1 - In this version of the competition the following forums are competing for the same prizes: UK420.com, EnJoint.info, ICMag.com and ForumSweetSeeds.com.

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