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Dark Devil green phenotype


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Howdy yall,

of the two seed I germinated only one is expressing the purple color, the other phenotype is lush green and has a very different structure, guess I won the inverse lottery by scoring in that 5% or perhaps the chance to not get a purple phenotype is higher than 5%, lets say more like 30%/40% ? 

Also on the green one I had to remove many male flowers that developed on the lower buds. Both plants were topped at the 5/6th node and I had some trouble with the ph of the water used to fertigate a couple of weeks ago.

Regards, Grewbie ! 

can't upload a video and a gif is way too big so here's a link to my girls https://streamable.com/hp85w5

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can't upload a video and a gif is way too big so here's a link to my girls https://streamable.com/hp85w5

"This video has been archived and is not available to watch at this time."


Hi Grewbie!

Welcome to the Forum Sweet Seeds® and thanks for your message.

A probability of getting a "green" Dark Devil Auto® is 5%, which means it is around 10% if two seeds are sprouted. It's not quite probable, but it can happen. Either way, most of the growers who get "green" Dark Devil Auto® plants, end up happy with the plants, as if it was a Big Devil XL Auto®. What's really not so interesting is the male flowers you mention. Maybe the plant was especially sensitive and got affected by the issues with the pH of the water.

If you have few plants and giving up on that one would mean a significant reduction in total yield, keep an eye on that plant to be sure she does not do that again. On the other hand, if you have more plants, for example 9 plants, maybe you should consider drop that one out, to avoid any risks and because 1 in 9 means just an approximately 10% loss on yield...

Also, if you have more plant, any of the other plants also showed male flowers?

All the best with it and kind regards,


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Hello Tommy,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post! To answer your questions, I'm only running two plants this time. I bought a 3+1 pack of DD and gave two seeds away to friends and family. One expressed the red phenotype and didn't develop any male flowers despite being in the same condition as her sister.
They share a tall drip tray that is used for bottom feeding and are in a 30-gallon pot of soil.

I won't be culling the plant since I am only growing for personal use. I plucked all the pollen sacs that I could find, and she has stopped making them after the pH problem was fixed.

About the green phenotype, I can tell you it has a very different structure than the Dark Devil which has long spears all stacked with flowers, the other one instead has more satellite colas stemming from the big ones. See the video of the girls, and don't mind the yellowing leaves 😅 I had my LED blasting at 90% and realized that it was caused by too much light and not lack of nutrients.


All the best ! 

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Hi again mate,

Thanks for the further information and for the video. They look nice. And yes, the leaves could have a greener look for the stage of flowering they're at, but it's not so bad, I think they will do good and get you some nice buds.

And yes, I also agree that if you only have these 2 plants, you should not give up on that one, as besides that the problem is apparently solved.

We probably won't, but just in case, if we wanted to share this video (or "photos" taken from it) in our social media accounts, do you allow us to? If so, should we mention your nick name, anonymous, or other name?

Keep us updated and sweet smokes!


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Hello there,

feel free to download the video or photos taken from it and share as you like, can use my nickname without problems ! (the tent is a 2x4x6 and there is 320watts of LED light inside)

Yeah they look promising and are both moving very fast towards the end goal, probably a week+ and I'll cut them down, will update with some pics then.

Can't wait to savour the red pheno it has such a sweet smell ! Overall very great and fast plants to grow as advised. Can't wait to try more of your genetics :classic_smile:

Regards ! 


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