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Autoflowers & EazyPlugs


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Hello, i have a question regarding the germination of autoflowers.

Im growing Sweet Seeds autoflowers since many years outdoor in south germany.

I germinate the autoflower seeds directly in a 11l-15l pot (Indoor) with a little potting soil at the top.
With this method i have about 80% sucess.

Sweet Mimosa XL Auto: 8/8 germinated - AMAZING plants, very uniform, beautiful buds that look like indoor. Smell is citrusy. Massive yield. My favorite autoflower.

Strawberry Banana Gelato XL Auto: 2/4 germinated - Meh... both plants full of seeds, buds look ok but smell and taste like earth. No gelato or strawberry smell.

Sweet Zensation XL Auto: 3/4 germinated - Really nice plants with fruity smell and taste.

Gorilla Girl XL Auto: 0/4 germinated

Cream Caramel Auto: 2/4 germinated - Wonderful creamy smell. Not as strong as the others but i love it.

Crystal Candy XL Auto: 3/4 germinated - Big yields with nice sweet smell.


Last week i received my Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez Auto, Orange Apricot Glue Auto and Cream Mandarine XL Auto.

Now i want to improve my germination rates using EazyPlugs.

I have read that transplanting autoflowers should be avoided.
I want the best possible start for my plants with no risks of stressing the seedling.

What would you recommend?
Germinate directly in 11l pot or using EazyPlugs?

Thanks in advance!

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Cheers Maxl! Welcome to the forum! 😎👍

First of all, we are glad to know that you enjoyed our Sweet Mimosa XL Auto®, Sweet Zenzation XL Auto®, Cream Caramel Auto® and Crystal Candy XL Auto®. We also hope that you enjoy the 3 strains that you've just ordered for your next run. Unfortunately there are two strains that did not correspond with your expectations, one for germination issues and the other one because you did not appreciate the terpene profile and germination was not so good either.

In regards to germination, taking in consideration that you had problems before, we would advice to avoid germinating the seeds directly in the pot. We would recommend preferably the paper towel method. Like this you never loose the seeds from sight and you can have more control over them. If you are not too sure about the paper towel method, then go ahead with the product you mention, as the germination rates might be better when compared with germinating directly in the pot.

And yes, if you can avoid transplanting autoflowering strains, that's the best option. But remember that in the first days and even in the first couple of weeks, the root system still is very little developed and so you can't get all the soil wet. It's important to water them with very few water only close to the stem and then, little by little, increase the amount of water used, until the 2nd or 3rd week, when you can already water them until all the soil is wet and some water comes out from the drainage holes.

I hope this helps. If you want you are very welcome to use this thread (or to start a new one) to share your experience with us, so that we can share advice and opinions is we think they can help you improve your grower skills, which for what you mention seem to be very good already.

Kind regards,


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